Model-Based Development

for Smarter, Connected Systems

Readily simulate complex products as systems-of-systems throughout your development cycle – from early concept design, to detailed design, then hardware testing (HIL). Combine mechanical models with electrical models (in 0D, 1D, and/or 3D) to enable multi-disciplinary simulation and leverage automatic code-generation for embedded systems.

Altair Compose Altair Activate Altair Embed
Model-Based Development

Integration Platform

Enable your distributed engineering teams to use whatever best-in-class tools they prefer. Co-simulate or exchange models with those tools via Altair’s open platform for system simulation.

1D-3D Models

Leverage the best of both, whether simulating earlier at the concept design stage (in 1D) or later at the detailed design stage (in 3D) or anywhere in between using hybrid modeling approaches.

Connecting to Hardware

Take your simulation model in the form of a diagram, automatically convert it to ANSI C code and transfer to a microcontroller, then perform hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing.

Math, Scripting, Data Analysis & Visualization
Altair Compose provides a set of useful numerical computing tools-within-a-tool designed specifically for engineers. Somewhat like a smartphone, it serves as an all-in-one environment for rapidly performing many types of repeatable calculations. You can leverage basic math operations as well as powerful functions (either user-defined or built-in such as for inverting matrices, solving differential equations, optimization, data filtering, etc).

You can also create and run scripts or utility programs, facilitating process automation. Altair Compose complements your other CAE work by enabling you to readily import, analyze, and plot data from simulation or test – even manipulate your data’s format or scale for easier re-use with other tools in your product development toolchain.
Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation
Altair Activate enables you to model and simulate systems (including systems-of-systems) using native 1D models in block diagram form. It also provides the option to couple to 3D tools (such as MotionSolve, Flux, FEKO, etc) using multiple approaches (e.g., co-simulation) – for true multi-disciplinary system simulation.

Altair Activate is especially useful for simulating “smart” mechatronic systems involving the combination of mechanical subsystems (as plant models) and electrical subsystems (as controller models) together with sensors & actuators.

Your 1D models can be constructed using either a signal-based method or a physical method (based on Modelica). You can also easily import and include other subsystem models defined as Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) using the standard Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI).
Embedded Systems Development
Altair Embed is designed with control engineers in mind, making it easier for you to produce the code that represents your continuous controllers without needing to actually write any of that code manually. This is accomplished through a robust, push-button, diagram-to-code conversion process. Simply represent your control system using an intuitive block diagram, and the associated code-generation step is automatic and reliable.

Altair Embed also enables interactive hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and can serve as a visual real-time operating system (RTOS).

With Altair Embed, you can leverage statechart diagrams to facilitate your design of discrete control systems.

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