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Units-Based Licensing

As of version 2019, solidThinking has introduced units-based licensing similar to Altair’s HyperWorks Units. This licensing model allows companies to rent a pool of units that individual users can check in and out, providing access to any software in the solidThinking suite. Whether you’re using sTUs or HWUs, your team can now gain access to Altair’s entire portfolio of simulation design applications. solidThinking Units are sold through Altair’s reseller network and can only be accessed through a cloud-based license server. In addition to enabling desktop applications, sTUs will allow access to the cloud to run jobs or launch interactive applications through the browser for a specified number of units.

Activating your Portal Account

Before you can download Altair software and activate your license, your Altair account administrator must add you as a user and send you an invitation to the solidThinking portal.
  1. Click the Accept Invite link in the invitation email to access the solidThinking portal.
  2. Choose a password, enter it twice, and click Set Password. You should receive confirmation that your account has been successfully activated.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Enter your credentials and click Login. Your dashboard will appear, showing your company’s unit consumption and subscription information.
Click here if you don’t have an account and would like to request a trial. Click here to access Licensing and Installation Guide.
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