Introducing Market-first Licensing Model for solidThinking

New solidThinking units licensing provides on-demand flexibility to access entire suite on the desktop and in the cloud

solidThinking Units Now Available

solidThinking Units transform the way you obtain software by eliminating the traditional licensing hurdles; like high cost, limited access to software and multiple licensing mechanisms. This new software licensing model offers your team seamless access to a growing library of Simulation-driven Design solutions using one single pool of recyclable units.

Access to Entire solidThinking Suite

Under solidThinking Units, customers have access to the entire solidThinking software suite. For instance, customers with a single license to one product will now have access to a growing library of Simulation-driven Design Solutions.

Priced for Value

Packaged as a comprehensive set of applications for all design and engineering needs, solidThinking Units are less expensive than obtaining individual licenses for each application.

On-demand Flexibility to Run Locally or in the Cloud

solidThinking Units provide the unique flexibilty to run software applications locally or in the cloud from anywhere at anytime.

solidThinking Units Benefits

Full Suite Access

When you buy solidThinking Units, you become eligible to download our entire suite of solidThinking products including tools for concept and generative design, model based development and manufacturing simulation.


Drive product innovation with simulation for you and your team. Units can be instantly checked out and shared with anyone within your organization. When the user is done using solidThinkng units, they return to the pool for someone else to use.


Reduce financial risk including the ability to increase or decrease the quantity of units in your pool as team software needs or size changes.

On-Premise or Cloud Access

Access solidThinking tools any time of the day and on multiple devices, either on your desktop machine, or running directly in our cloud enabled platform, offering users robust data management, team collaboration, and an instant-on experience.

Reduce Cost

At virtually no extra cost, your team can access a growing library of complimentary solutions with  using a single pool of recyclable units.​


Instantly access the suite of solidThinking products through an intuitive Portal which includes account management, unit tracking, product downloads, and access to the latest product releases.

Solutions Available Under solidThinking Units

This model revolutionizes the way you obtain software by eliminating the typical hurdles - like high cost and multiple licensing mechanisms - that prevent you from getting what you need. At virtually no cost, your team can access a growing library of solutions using a single pool of recyclable units. We democratize technology so that you can discover and evaluate new software.

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